hat Happened to Peach the Dog? Streamer Julien Solomita Provides an Update

hat Happened to Peach the Dog? Streamer Julien Solomita Provides an Update

Influencers — especially Twitch streamers — tend to live their whole lives beholden to a streaming schedule or regular content creation. Whether they’re promoting a brand, playing the latest games, or even chatting with friends both on and off-stream, it’s not uncommon for these internet personalities to reach some form of reality TV status in going live with their lives. For some, it works to highlight real-life relationship drama and scandal. For others, we can get a glimpse into their pets.

In recent news, influencer and Twitch streamer Julien Solomita — the fiancé of Jenna Marbles — has been candid with updates on his pet’s health. His dog, Peach, has been in a medical crisis for the past several weeks. Many of Julien’s fans are worried for Peach and have been sending their well-wishes through platforms like Reddit.

What happened to Peach? Julien Solomita has shared the latest on his pet’s current condition. Here’s what we know so far.

Julien and Jenna are “parents” to several dogs and pets named Mr. Marbles, Kermit, and Peach. In an interview with San Diego Human Society, Julien revealed that he’s an avid animal lover and firmly believes in their ability to change lives.

“The moment you open yourself up to making that connection [with animals], I think it pays off immediately,” he told the outlet. It could be argued that his strong relationships with his pets have contributed to his adopting a vegan diet.

However, caring for so many pets can present its own set of issues, including having to take care of them when they’re sick.

In the past couple of weeks, Peach the dog has been undergoing a severe health crisis. Julien told all in an Instagram story that was posted to Reddit after a visit to the vet. Reportedly, she had been experiencing back issues that would eventually lead to her being unable to support her own weight. She later underwent spinal surgery in late November 2022.

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