Julien Solomita Merch

Julien Solomita Merch Early Life

Julien Solomita was born in Northern California. He spent his childhood in LA after moving there at around age 4. He loves baseball and desired to play professionally, but an accident on his right arm left him with a spinal injury. He has recovered since then.

He worked at a radio station where his interest in media began. During his bartending years, he met Jenna. read blog

Julien Solomita Merch

Julien’s Channel

Julien began his channel in 2012 and since then has grown to over two million subscribers. The channel focused first on his weightlifting but then shifted to a vlog style of filming. He also posts cooking videos and various filming projects. He has successfully pulled practical jokes on Jenna, such as hiding all the cameras, drinking milk in front of her (since she hates milk), and pretending to drop a hoverboard.

As Jenna had a character called Boy Jenna, Julien created a character called Moq who is obsessed with creating makeup tutorials, claims to be dating current celebrities, and is very snappy.

Julien Solomita Merch

Julien also co-created the Jenna + Julien Podcast with Jenna. They also have a gaming channel and a twitch steam which sometimes has the couple reacting to the full version of fan videos. Like Jenna has pop sockets of her dogs, Julien has designed a collection of pins for free radicals which include popsicles, skulls and #ad. Julien also has an album called Nightmare Fuel which includes The Creepy Song, a song of him laughing madly to a tune. It was well-received from Mr. Marble’s when, during a vlog he gave it an alive bark and from the people that heard it when they drove by.

Julien occasionally uploads vlogs to his channels (although he has moved away from the format as a whole).

Julien is an amateur chef and is the creator of “Aries Kitchen,” a cooking series on his channel, and he occasionally streams recipes on his twitch. His recipes are vegan friendly and gluten free as Julien is vegan himself and has Celiac disease.

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