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Julien Solomita (ex-The Fighting Solo) is an American YouTube vlogger. Julien is a content creator on YouTube with a channel self-titled who also used to post on the Vine app. Julien Solomita has over 2.5 million subscribers on his channels and is well known for his cooking videos. Buy Julien Solomita Merch Here

Julien Solomita Merch
Julien Solomita Merch

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Julien started dating another YouTuber (Jenna Marbles), and in 2014 they started a podcast. They live in LA with their pets. Their passion and love for animals made them rescue four dogs.

Solomita is also the co-owner of a company named Waffscle, and they have YouTube channels where they post a series of videos called “Last minute trips.”

Julien is documenting his daily life in his regular vlogs and spends time with Jenna, animals, and his friends.

Now he is currently uploading three times per week, and his projects usually keep him busy. He also still podcasts with Jenna once a week and has a Twitch channel where he plays games with his fans and even with Jenna.

Julien Solomita Merch

Julien Solomita

Julian is French and can speak French fluently. Lui seul peut lire ceci – si vous lisez ceci, Julien, vous lisez maintenant ceci. Solomita occasionally posts vlogs of the four dogs him and his friend and co-parent Jenna. Julien is a versatile gamer, having been witnessed to play a wide array of gaming genres on his Twitch Stream. Willam Belli, however, describes him as a top after witnessing him and Jenna get into drag.

Julien is the father of Weech which makes sense. It also makes sense that he rocks such a big handlebar moustache because he knows how to handle the bar (he was a bartender).Julien and Jenna had a podcast channel called “Jenna + Julien”. The final episode as of yet aired August 17, 2020.

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